Near by places
Pookot Lake, about 13 kms from Kalpetta, is undoubtedly the most beautiful tourist spot in the whole of Wayanad. The lake nestles in the lap of mountains surrounding it. Boating in the Pookot Lake is a memorable experience. Tall trees and dense forests that line along the pathway around the lake provide a visual treat. A freshwater acquarium with a large variety of fish is an added attraction.
The natural scenic beauty of Wayanad and its rich natural resources offer several opportunities for adventure tourism. The hills, rocks and valley which make the very unique character of Wayanad, provide a lot catering to the ever increasing demand of adventure tourists.
Surrounded by the Kambamala, Karimala and Varadiga Peaks, the Thirunelly Temple embodies classical traditional Kerala architecture. A Famous Pilgrim Centre, this temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu – the god who maintains life, attracts hordes of devotees especially for performing ancestral rites.
Just 14 km away from Kalpeta, Chembra Peak is the tallest peak in Wayanad. It has an elevation of 2100 meters above sea level and is an idyllic spot for trekking and mountain climbing. For those adventure seekers, temporary camps are set up on the top of the peak. Guides, camping apparatus etc are provided by District Tourism Promotion Council on rent to tourists who are interested in camping and trekking.
Wild life Sanctuaries
Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary lies in Wayanad district of Kerala. It is contigous with the Nagarahole WLS in Kodagu district of Karnataka. At Tholpetty one can easily spot elephants, gaurs, chitals, Malabar squirrels, Peacocks etc. Carnivorous animals like Tigers and Lepoards also inhabit the forest. The Forest Department provides safari facilities at the entrance of the park.
Banasura sagar
The Largest Earth Dam in India, as well as the second largest in Asia, this is a mini hydel project. A sprawling sanctuary and park with ever flowering trees are the major tourist attractions here. Boating facilities in the dam and trekking trails leading from here draw the outdoor enthusiasts.
Jain temples
A striking Jain temple, dedicated to Ananthanatha Swami represents one of the saints belonging to the Jain faith is situated just six kms from Kalpetta. This temple is in the wayanad district and is commonly known as Tippu’s fort. This is prominent as Tippu’s fort because Tippu used this place for storing ammunition. Hence, it gains the name sultans battery.
Chain tree
The large Ficus tree bound by a prominent chain is the source of a dramatic local legend. As the tale goes an Adivasi youth named Karinthandan was instrumental in guiding a British Engineer through the difficult mountain terrain into Wayanad. Eager to take credit for the discovery, the engineer conveniently killed his guide, whose soul, according to the legend, constantly haunted subsequent travellers. It is further beleived that a preist chained the troublesome spirit into this tree.
Edakkal caves
Located at a height of 1000 m on Ambukuthy Mala near Ambalavayal are the Edakkal Caves. The New Stone Age pictorial writings on the wall are relics of the prehistoric civilization that existed in these region. Accessible only by more than a kilometre’s trek from Edakkal, you will also come across the only cave restaurant here. (Timing : 09 00 to 17 00 hrs).
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